Dr. Amy Adams

Rehabilitation Therapy

Dr. Amy Adams’s 32 years in family medicine have included sports medicine, women’s care, and global health initiatives. Dr. Adams is chair of the department of family medicine at JPS Health Network Family Health Center in Fort Worth, Texas, a teaching clinic for the family medicine residency and geriatric residency that also serves as the international health clinic for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Located in an urban community that serves a diverse population, the department provides clinical services to multiple sites in the county through a centrally located hospital, a surgicenter, a sports and pain clinic, four family health practices, two residency practices, and 19 school-based clinics in neighborhoods.

Regarding her work, Dr. Adams says, “My passion to help colleagues is what guides most of my service activities. For some time I have felt that physicians need to reach out to one another to stay healthy and engaged in their careers. This has been especially evident with the shortage of physicians and health care clinicians that we are experiencing and will continue to address. With the help of my health network we started a re-entry program for practicing physicians who had not been using their clinical skills due to an interruption in their careers. This has been engaging and rewarding as we send them out to care for patients once again. I actively participate in the Texas Medical Association Committee on Physician Health and Rehabilitation as well as my county medical association rehabilitation committee and our network physician health committee. I also am a volunteer physician to Project Access, a local nonprofit coordinator for care to indigent patients. At home, I support my physician husband of 40 years whenever I can, play with my grandchildren, work in my gardens, and entertain as a vocalist with or without an audience.”